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Wednesday, June 09, 2004


the Reagan Commemoration Bash

Ronald Reagan is dead. They called him the great communicator. The media celebrates all week long his "youthful enthusiasm", his positive message, his "vision". We are told he had a profound effect on America. Indeed! The word for that effect is called selfishness. Instead of asking us to go into the voting booth seeking what was best for our country, he suggested we seek our own success: he challenged us with questions like,"are you better off today than you were four years ago?" as if the real issue was self-aggrandizement.

The common good was seemingly non-existent for Reagan. It is even less existent in the Bush era. (Reagan plays John the Baptist to Dubya's messianic administration.) He spoke anecdotally about individual success stories that had no government or community reference. Reagan communicated to American's in general and America's youth in particular the priority of the heroic, the entitlement to privilege, and the primacy of symbol, and the glory of self-concern. this is Ronald Reagan's legacy...

(sorry for the absence the last few weeks, i have been out of the country)
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